Our History

Iwan (John) Taniewski
9/9/32 – 12/19/17

John immigrated to the US from the Ukraine, his machining career first started at Waterman where he first learned to machine pipe flanges. He was then involved in West Jersy in the early years before going off on his own and starting Tubecraft of America in 1968. 

John’s eldest son John Jr. started Specialty Flange & Fitting in the late 70’s.  After some consideration John Jr. decided on another career path and George Taniewski took over Specialty Flange.  Unfortunately George passed 2/1/17, after both companies worked closely together, since George’s passing the two companies are disassociated and stand alone.

Presently Tubecraft Flange, LLC is now headed by Justina Johnson, John’s daughter. Justina’s son Zachary has also joined the family business in 2018.