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"Manufacturing carbon steel flanges
and fittings for over 40 years"


Tubecraft of America, Incorporated offers many unique services to our customers.  We maintain a precision machine shop to handle all of your customized flange needs.  Fax us at (856) 875-0833, your blueprint of your custom part and we can either make it or source it for you.

CNC Machining 

Tubecraft offers CNC machining and other types of custom operations.  No job is too small or too large for our facilities.  Tubecraft uses proven statistical quality control that is essential to keeping strict tolerances over large machining runs.  If you have a question on our capabilities, please contact us.

Material Sourcing

Are you having trouble finding a part?  Tubecraft excels at sourcing hard to find pipe, valves, flanges, and fittings through our worldwide network of trusted contacts.  We have built businesses relationships for over forty years.  Let us share this knowledge with you to assist in helping you to find your products at the best possible price.  Call us today at (856) 629-5626 with your inquiry, or email us at


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