Tubecraft of America, Inc.
667 Lebanon Avenue
Williamstown, NJ 08094
Phone: (856) 629-5626
Fax: (856) 875-0833

"Manufacturing carbon steel flanges
and fittings for over 40 years"


Tubecraft of America, Incorporated originated back in the late 1960's in Williamstown, New Jersey.  The company began as a small family operated business serving local customers and has grown into a major industry supplier of flanges throughout the United States, and internationally.  At Tubecraft, we have thrived because of our ability to provide both standard types of flanges and fittings, and customized ones specific to customers' needs.  Our company has onsite CNC machining capabilities, as well as a multi-million dollar inventory of flanges and forgings. 

The valuable skills that will continue to push Tubecraft to the forefront of the flange producing industry is our product knowledge and experience in the industry.  Obviously, today's global marketplace has shifted many flanges to be made overseas.  However, we understand that there is still an enormous need in the United States for a company who can manufacture or source quality flanges, and communicate effectively with domestic engineers and purchasing departments.  In 2006, Tubecraft now has multiple employees with many years of industry experience.  This will be the building block to our future success.

Commitment to Excellence

At Tubecraft of America we pledge that every flange and fitting that leaves our company facility will adhere to the highest of quality standards.  We provide clear material data test reports with every order (online MTR downloading coming soon!), and our quality control methods have been proven to be exceptional for over forty years.  We understand that hard work, dedication to details, along with creative thinking, can go a long way in today's business world.  This is our pledge to you in our persistent commitment to excellence.

What You Can Expect

  • Same day quoting of most inquiries
  • Same day shipping of most in-stock material
  • Material Test Reports (MTR's) shipped with every order
  • Fast and reliable CNC machining services
  • Our facility has access to hundreds of trucking and shipping companies to give you the lowest prices possible
  • Competitive and aggressive pricing strategies tiered to fit your company's needs

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