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"Manufacturing carbon steel flanges
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What kind of material does Tubecraft of America supply?
A: Tubecraft generally specializes in carbon steel and simpler alloys.

Q: Do you do local deliveries and pick-ups?
A: Yes, Tubecraft has our own trucking to manage all local pick-ups and deliveries.  If you are outside our 120 mile internal trucking radius, Tubecraft has accounts with most of the major trucking companies to carry the load for you.

Q: I have bought certain products in the past, but do not see them on your product page?
A: At Tubecraft we sell such a wide assortment of specialty items it would be impossible to list all of them.  However, we are constantly updating our product catalog so if you would like to see cut sheets on your item send us an email and request it.  We will do our best to meet all of our customers' demands.

Q: Are your flanges domestic to the USA or foreign imports?
A: The answer is both.  Tubecraft gives you the option of selecting what type of material best fits your budget and project situation.  If certain countries' material is not desired, please specify this when quoting.

Q: Do you offer special flange facings such as large and small tongue and grooved?
A: Yes, Tubecraft can make or supply most common flange facings in the industry today.

Q: Do you you do manufacturing on-site?
A: We have a fully integrated manufacturing process that entails many levels in this process.  The majority of our machining is done at our New Jersey facility.  We have fully operational CNC machines, along with other PVF producing machines.  Occasionally, we work with our trusted suppliers to assist in certain manufacturing processes.  Our network of companies and on-site manufacturing processes have been successful for over forty years.  We even do custom machining to assist in all of your customized needs.

Q: What do you maintain in inventory?
A: We maintain millions of dollars of inventory.  It consists mainly of flange, fitting, valve, and pipe products.  If we do not have your desired item in stock, we have one of the quickest turnarounds in the USA for producing PVF products.  Give us a try and see what you think!

Q: Where does your company do business?
A: We are a worldwide PVF company that deals with businesses around the world.  No company, location, or job is too large or too small for our company to handle.  We have the flexibility to adapt to all of your needs, whether the job calls for 1 piece or 10,000 pieces.  We have had successful business transactions with countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, which includes companies right here in New Jersey, USA.  Please email us at for more information or with any questions.

Q: Do you sell galvanized flanges?
A: Although galvanized flanges are not the main kind of finish we have have on our flanges, yes, we do offer any flange you need with a hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Q: Do you engineer piping systems?
A: We do not actually engineer piping systems, however, some of our customer contacts excel in this type of work.  Please call us today at the phone number at the header of this page for more information.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Just check out our company information at the header of every page on our site.  667 Lebanon Avenue, Williamstown, NJ 08094.

Q: I want to add my company or organization to your informational links page, how do I do it?
A: Simply fill out your information on our Contact Page, and then write in the comments page to add the requested web site to the Links Page.  We may need to contact you to confirm the information you fill in.  We are looking to expand many sections on our web sites, including a PVF Blog to get answers to your questions from a worldwide network of professionals.

Q: What do I need to do to set up an account with your company?
A: Please contact us at phone number or email address at the top of this page.  It is simple to set up an account with us, however, since we currently have no online ordering, we do not have an online account set up at this time.  It only takes a matter of minutes to call us and set up an account to buy from us via credit.

Q: My questions is not answered in this FAQs section, what do I do now?
A: Simply call us or email us at and we will do our best to effectively answer all of your product or order questions. We pride ourselves in customer service and customer satisfaction. We thank you for your interest and inquiries in our company.

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